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FBA Shipping

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Amazon FBA shipping from China

Trusted shipping service for Amazon sellers


We streamline your Amazon sourcing and shipping process from China.
EAC is a highly experienced at the end-to-end supply chain management and recognized for our expertise, experience, reliability and exacting standards.
EAC is priority booking agents of shipping companies such as evergreen (EMC), OOCL, ONE, HAMBURGSUD, etc., long-term fixed space in airlines such as CX/KE/JL in Hong Kong and CZ in Guangzhou. Focus on Amazon FBA shipping service from 2009 regular FBA shipment loading & flight out from Shenzhen/ShangHai/NingBo/Guangzhou every week.
FBA Amazon shipping service ways
FBA shipping by sea freight、air freight from China to US,Canada,UK ,Germany,France,Spain,Italy ,Australia area. no matter 1kg or 1 CBM or 1 ton or 1-10 container.
We always take care your cargo like:

Lighting, cosmetics, pet supplies, electronic products, mobile phone accessories, car accessories, printer supplies, toys, clothing, household appliances, outdoor sports equipment.