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FCL Shipping

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FCL Shipping Services and Options

Get end-to-end transparency, top-tier carriers, and major lane access with EAC FCL ocean service.
Personalized Help on All Shipping Options
EAC offers access to hundreds of FCL sailings that work with the dynamics of your supply chain. With services that span between 10 to 50 days, we have teams at origin and destination that can help you optimize each shipment for cost, route, or transit time.
Ship with Trusted Carriers and Unmatched Visibility
EAC has direct contracts across all major alliances, ensuring your cargo sails on the schedules you need with carriers you can trust. And with EAC’s network of GPS-tracked vessels and third-party data, you get greater end-to-end visibility.
EAC FCL Premium Service Offerings
EAC offers a Premium Guaranteed service on most sailings out of Asia. This ensures our customers’most urgent cargo arrives at destination on time, even when allocation is exceeded.