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LCL Shipping

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LCL Shipping Services and Options
Conventional LCL can be unpredictable. But with EAC, you get access to a homegrown, exclusive, client-only LCL network that spans nearly 500 nodes across the world, optimized for speed, visibility, and safety.
EAC’s LCL Makes Your Supply Chain Better
EAC's LCL network offers unmatched connectivity and cadence across major shipping routes, while enabling our clients to optimize for working capital by procuring inventory on demand. Clients benefit from the combined scale of the entire EAC customer community when they ship on our LCL network.
Better Controls for Reduced Variability
We use technology to make shipping smoother, digitizing every client’s data and vetting shipments to reduce the risk of customs inspections and delays. And by looking at performance data, we can advise on ports, terminals, and sailing schedules that move your LCL to its destination faster and more efficiently.
Special Services for Amazon FBA Shipments
EAC has the expertise to prep your cargo to meet requirements from Amazon FBA, Walmart and other major retailers when delivering into them on your behalf.